This week in Jargon Busters we are going over the difference between CX, UX and Service Design.

CX, or ‘customer experience’ is the end to end customer journey within your organisation. It could be the end to end journey for a digital product, an in store experience or for the purchase of a physical product. It starts with the search and how your customer finds your business, and goes all the way to fulfillment and after sales care. Transforming your customer experience is vital to optimising your business, increasing conversions, and retaining customers.

UX, or ‘User Experience’, are touch points within the entire customer journey. If we were looking at digital aspects of your business it could be something to do with your shopping cart, your search function or another way that your customers, or users, interact with your business online. User Experience design delivers memorable and meaningful experiences to your customers.

When looking at SD, or Service Design, we are using a customer centric approach to look at how you service the customers needs. This means all the systems, processes and back of office functions that support your business to cater for your customers.

There we have it, in just two minutes we have gone over the differences between CX, UX and SD.

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