French Knot: Fantastic Customer Experience

Today’s Exo on the Couch takes place out and about! Join David in Melbourne’s beautiful Quarry Park.

David is having a rave today about French Knot after recently making a purchase for a gift for him Mum in Perth. When his Mum received her gift around a week later she noticed one of the items was broken. David could then reach out to customer support through the order confirmation. This ease of access of information made it so much easier as a customer to get what was needed. Already David was finding the experience straight forward.

Within the day a member of the team was in touch with David to apologise, even though it wasn’t their fault. The product had travelled quite far and it was quite fragile. But they offered to replace it immediately.

From a digital perspective everything about their retail experience, from purchase, to delivery and then after care, was spot on.

If you recall from a previous episode, we highlighted an example of when a retailer missed the mark in making a real life experience comparable online. With this experience it was very much the opposite! The customer experience from French Knot was exception from their platform, backed up further by their customer support.

Everything in place by French Knot is truly excellent! So well done to you!

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