Detexian: A SaaS Company managing other SaaS Companies

Welcome to Exo on the Couch. Today, we are talking to Tan Huynh from Detexian.

Tan has a background in investment banking and private equity in mining resources. He founded his first start-up, Detexian, straight out of Stanford after completing his MBA while on a soul-searching trip to the US.

He then moved to Melbourne, where the view of the business pivoted from helping SME’s get better at protecting themselves from server attacks to assisting them in relying on and securely using SaaS solutions to optimise their business.

A lot of factors determine the success of a business. One of these is spotting a gap in your market and pivoting your business objectives to take advantage of these opportunities.

Learn about how Tan has managed to do this and create a thriving tech start-up in the ever-changing ever-growing cyber security sector.

Image credit: Detexian

How It Started

When Detexian was first started, Tan and a few friends from Stanford were working together to help one of their co-founders commercialise an idea he had been building towards throughout his career in tech and cyber security.

On that premise, Tan got into Detexian, and he happened to do a variety of tasks. In addition to knowing about the business, he did fundraising, got customers interested in the product, and did all the marketing and sales with some of the other co-founders.

Image credit: Detexian

The mentality was very much around helping a tech guy commercialise an idea, and in hindsight, that was the wrong approach. It might have worked well in a team with experience in start-ups and the sector, but they were all first-time entrepreneurs.

They did everything by the book. There was a playbook; they were able to raise funds based on some initial customer traction. They raised a small seed round from investors in Sydney and San Fransisco, and Tan could then relocate to Melbourne to build the business.

Six months later, they had to change everything, from the product through to the team, because their initial idea that they were building didn’t have product-market fit.

How It’s Going

Detexian now targets SME’s powered by SaaS apps.

You don’t think ‘security first’ when you use a SaaS app.

Tan Huynh – Co-founder of Detexian

A good SaaS app is almost intuitive. You go in, launch into a functional feature and very quickly fall in love with the features that it does well. You don’t necessarily buy a SaaS app, hoping it does everything you need.

Image credit: Detexian

Over time, a business accumulates several SaaS platforms. They don’t realise that a lot of sensitive data is stored within these ten or twenty apps.

As a business grows, there are customers, consultants and contractors that lash into these platforms, and it’s easy to lose track of who has access to which apps and whether the users share data or authenticate into the SaaS platforms securely.

It’s a big problem for many companies now, especially SME’s, because different teams within the business can go online, buy a SaaS app and before you know it, you’ve got a big bill of all these platforms. Security becomes a massive issue because there are a lot of blind spots that they aren’t aware of.

This is where Detexian comes in.

You might be sharing sensitive data with unauthorised external entities, or you may have external people in your SaaS apps that you aren’t aware of. When you plug these platforms into the Detexian portal, it’s going to highlight all of these issues, and they’re going to tell you what to do.

The first report can look pretty bad, it lights up like a Christmas tree for a lot of clients. But, over time, we help them remedy those issues and turn the bad and ugly into good.

Tan Huynh – Co-founder of Detexian

When you plug into the Detexian portal, you don’t only get the reporting side of things. It’s a continuous oversight portal that will help you manage your security posture over time.

For more information about Detexian, visit, or for a free 28-day trial, email

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