The Impacts of Customer Service on Business
In this edition of Rant or Rave, we join David Lenberg, the Client Service Director at Exo Digital, as he discusses his experience with bad customer service and its implications for a business.

In this era of consumerism and abundance, customer service has become the single-most-important factor for consumers deciding where to take their business or place their money.

Online reviews are far-reaching and incredibly impactful. Whether good or bad, customer service reviews can be a powerful determinant of consumers’ purchasing power.

Customer Service and its Effects

David travelled to Sydney on business and chose to fly back to Melbourne with Jetstar. His initial interaction with Jetstar was pleasant and positive.

The online booking system was seemless and the text messages to remind us to check-in were fantastic.

David Lenberg

When he arrived at the boarding gate for this flight, David had 20 minutes to spare, so he decided to use this time to move a few items from his hold luggage to his carry-on to ensure that he could comfortably get some work done on the flight home.

While he was doing this, he was approached by a young man who works for Jetstar. The young man explained that he needed to weigh David’s luggage before loading it onto the plane. If it exceeded the maximum weight allowed by more than 3kg, he would be charged an extra $65 per kilogram.

David explained that he was moving a few items around and would weigh his bags as soon as he was done. The young man continued to stand over David and demand that he weigh his bags.

The young man was standing or hovering over me and it felt very intimidating and bullying to me. I became flustered and embarrassed at how I was being treated. It was a very unenjoyable experience.

David Lenberg

While he was having his luggage weighed, a young girl came over to put tags on his bags, and he requested that they give him a few minutes to move some things around before taking his bags away. He still hadn’t had the chance to rearrange his belongings.

David’s luggage turned out to be more than 3kg heavier than the 7kg allowed in the plane’s overhead compartment, so he handed over his credit card, and the young man processed the payment of $65. He handed David a receipt but no tax invoice (important when claiming business expenses) and then walked away.

It was a horrendous customer service experience for me because of how I was treated and the young man because I was flustered and feeling pressured, so I wasn’t receptive to being spoken to in that way.

David Lenberg

Thoughts and Suggestions

Jetstar has awful reviews online regarding this particular process, so this was not an isolated incident, and there is a lot of room for improvement.

Treating customers with respect, kindness, and understanding can go a long way to smoothing what can be a complex or intimidating process for the Jetstar staff.

There is absolutely a better way to get luggage weighed and take payment for oversized or heavy bags. Explain the procedure, tell customers why their luggage needs to be weighed, the safety implications of bringing oversized baggage onto the plane, and the additional cost per kilogram of extra weight for a start.

If it’s dangerous to have more than 7kg in the overhead locker, why are you still allowing me to put a 10kg bag above my head once I’ve paid for the extra weight? Is it not safer to store that bag, or the extra weight, in the hold of the plane?

David Lenberg

In Concusion

This is just one example of a negative customer service experience. Talking about it online gives it the potential to reach thousands of customers.

A range of factors will influence how a consumer chooses to spend their money, and good customer service is right at the top alongside value for money and convenience.

A bad customer service experience will leave a customer feeling angry and frustrated, overflowing to taint their perception of the entire experience.

Conversely, a good customer service experience leaves a customer feeling valued and appreciated. Even if some aspects of the overall experience fall short of expectations, good customer service can negate the inconvenience and convince the customer to come back time and time again.

If you’re from Jetstar or running a business struggling with good customer service reviews and would like to discuss this experience and some solutions, Exo Digital can help. Book an info session or give us a call on 1300 929 992.

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