Rethinking The Online Experience For Gamers And Streamers

Gamers should feel proud of their identity. Streamgear recognises this and wants to support, celebrate and nurture gamers, elevating their unique culture into the mainstream.


Streamgear speaks the language of gamers. Growing up professional gamers themselves, they understand the scene’s passion and engaged Exo Digital to take their vision to market.

With a deep understanding of computer hardware, streaming products and accessories, Streamgear was looking to disrupt the highly competitive market of cheap tech from IT retailers. We worked across brand strategy, e-commerce and a gamified rewards experience to electrify and engage the gaming community.

Project Steps

To achieve the task set out for us, we opted to break the project up into three distinct steps, thus ensuring that each component of the project was given our full attention and achieved the best results.

Step 01: Cohesive Brand Design System

The idea was to shake up the gaming hardware and peripheral market. Using the output from our Brand Strategy Workshop, we worked closely with the Streamgear team to drive their vision and mission in a new and exciting direction.

The output of this workshop formed the foundation of the Brand Design System for Streamgear’s branding, visual direction and marketing collateral.

Step 02: Defining an electrifying experience

Streamgear’s founders are avid gamers, so they understand the culture and the drivers for the gaming community. They wanted to create an online store that reflected their identity, building a unique shopping experience with gaming as the central theme.

What we developed combines distinctive design with gamified functionality to engage with the target audience.

Step 03: Gamifying the subscription

We created a hook mechanism that gamifies the subscription model so that Streamgear users were “levelling” up through their purchasing. We created a process loop that drives revenue and engages the user through simple and fun calls to action by connecting to gamers’ mental models.

Deliverables and Outcome

Having broken the project up into clear steps, we were able to deliver exceptional results and carve out a niche in the market specifically for Streamgear.

Consulting – Brand Strategy Workshop

We completed a brand workshop with Streamgear to determine their brand values, personality, target market and visual direction. We utilised styles scapes and iterated on graphic design to deliver a stand out logo and brand mark.

Strategy and Innovation – Competitive Landscape Review

To differentiate the Streamgear website, we knew that we had to break away from convention, so it was essential for us to understand the IT e-commerce market.

We identified and researched Streamgear’s competitors so we could create a point of difference in the market. We didn’t want to understand how Streamgear could fit into the current retail environment; we wanted to establish Streamgear as a market leader and set them up for success in the future.

UI & UX Design – Electrifying The Experience

Streamgear’s user base is made up of passionate and competitive gamers looking for top of the line products.

Armed with this information, our first port of call was to make each product the hero to spotlight the beauty and quality of gaming accessories. We provided a user-friendly experience to navigate via product or brand while incentivising users to return to Streamgear through our gamified rewards program.

Design System

Streamgear’s design system reflects their elite, playful and innovative nature to celebrate and connect with the gamer’s culture.

With a UI kit and design system explicitly built for Streamgear, we provided Figma components, text styles, motion guidelines and colour palette to allow designers to work faster and provide a way for Streamgear to iterate into the future.

Web and App Design – Solution Architecture

As Streamgear required a scalable solution, we designed our architecture around the AWS platform.

We implemented the Streamgear storefront on Amplify to handle retrieving products and processing orders into a Shopify API. We also hosted our Streamgear API on Elastic Beanstalk to take custom requests like retrieving users’ current points and subscription tiers.

It was vital for us to leverage existing systems to provide custom solutions for Streamgear to connect with their userbase.


A core pillar of the business is Streamgear’s commitment to giving back through sponsorship, events and open and engaged communication. These values were evident at every step of the project and are a big reason why Streamgear has been so popular within the gaming community.

Exo Digital has provided an amazing customer experience throughout the entire end-to-end process. The team knows what it takes to deliver a project with incredible insight, knowledge and expertise.”

Will V, Co-founder and CEO of Streamgear.

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