The Design Sprint Unconference

Last weekend, we had the pleasure of attending and helping out at Sprint Camp – Australia’s first design sprint unconference. The design sprint is a process that we use to validate ideas, prototype solutions and test those solutions in just 4-5 days.

The ‘unconference’ was a great opportunity for us to meet other design sprinters and hear from other design sprint experts from within the community. There was a special guest appearance from Felix Wang – a Google Sprintmaster who flew all the way from New York to talk about how Google uses design sprints internally and the future of design sprints.

Although much of the day was spent running around and taking footage, we still had the chance to listen in on some insightful talks. Some of our highlights include Loletta Cheng’s approach to design sprints using her background in psychology and how Nicole Short uses design sprints on non-digital products. We also listened to other Design Sprint experts, like Myka Hecht-Wendt and Alvin Hermanto, about the challenges that they have faced running Design Sprints in-house and external.

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