The Importance of Selecting the Right Project Manager

Today David is talking about project management and raving about successful Project Management during a recent digital transformation project.

The client David worked with is an international energy provider. This business was transforming their customer onboarding for one of their products and engaged with us to implement these changes.

This project required the integration of third party providers, so when customers filled in their information on a sign up form the customer service team did not need to get involved with the onboarding. Instead it was validated on the spot through a third party integration.

Initially the client wanted one of their internal project managers, who had been successful on similar projects overseas, to be involved. The client had amazing internal stakeholder engagement, and knew their team really thoroughly. The issue was they didn’t have an understanding of the technology or a relationship with the technology providers in Australia. Which is where David stepped in.

The project ran for a couple of weeks, and it was noticeable that there were things that weren’t happening and issues that needed identifying and highlighting to the internal stakeholders.

The objective in using one of their own internal project managers was to reduce cost. This was great in theory but unfortunately in practice it didn’t work. We put our own amazing Project Managers onboard for one Sprint Cycle to see if we could rapidly turn this project around. It worked!! From that point on the sprints ran far more smoothly, we managed to get across internal stakeholders and bring in the third party tech integration company too.

The initial phases of the project had already been completed, we had the research and the plan set. It was then down to executing and implementing. Unfortunately there were some major problems again with the internal Project Manager. Once again our Project Manager stepped up to the plate. We left the client project manager to deal with their internal activities, whilst we handled the rest.

David can confidently say that the handing of this project by our own Project Manager was vital in the project’s success. Our approach is holistic, we focus on understanding the project as a whole. In this case, as with many others too numerous to outline here, the end-to-end way of approaching the project was vital to its success.

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