Translating Real-Life to Digital for Retail

Meet David and Paris on the couch as they have a rant or rave. Today they go over David’s experience at Anaconda and how a really amazing experience in store turned into an online experience that fell flat.

David draws on his years of experience in the design industry to talk about what he would suggest to create a better digital experience for Anaconda’s customers.

David makes a couple of assumptions about Anaconda around there being a disconnect between their real life sales team and their online sales team. His solution would start with running workshops with Anaconda. Workshops are a great place to start to design a customer experience process. One of the core beliefs we hold at Exo is that customer experience should be sitting at the center of everything a business does.

From David’s perspective as a customer he feels like Anaconda has missed something, it may be due to COVID19, but it means there is no less of an opportunity to improve that experience for their customers. All David wanted was a great pair of shorts! And to feel the same care he had in store, instead he was left frustrated and Anaconda was left without a purchase.

To begin to solve this disconnect firstly David would find out where Anaconda was at, and remove his assumptions around their team. Next he would be setting up the workshop to help the team think about what their future state should look like. A workshop would take into consideration all aspects of improving customer experience. And by having this really holistic end-to-end approach the solutions to these kinds of problems can be figured out really rapidly and effectively.

The turnaround time for figuring this out and implementing a solution with David and the team at Exo could be as short as a few weeks. For Anaconda this would potentially mean a huge growth spike in online sales as their phenomenal in store experience is translated much better online.

Having a customer centric approach now is so vital, whether a company is big or small or something in between. The pandemic has really put a spotlight on retailers to replicate their real life customer experiences over to their online store, and doing this successfully can be a real challenge. We know better than most that there’s no right way, every business is different and has a different path to take to achieve this!

Catch us again tomorrow, same place, same time.

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