What is Change Management?

Join Paris in welcoming two return guests to Jargon Busters: Friska from Fresh by Friska, and David from our Exo on the Couch series. Today, Paris discusses the differences between change management and transformation services.

What is change management?

Friska tells us that change management affects how we help people adapt to modifications to the status quo. The change can be any adjustments to technology, or a process within the company because businesses nowadays are continuously improving. An example of a change people have to adapt to is the implementation of a new customer service strategy. Change management then feeds into transformation services.

What are transformation services?

David elaborates that transformation services, particularly digital transformations, can mean different things to different people within an organisation. For example, if you’re a product owner, it can mean the way you interact with your customers online. To others, it can mean all of an organisation, or even part of an organisation.

Change is a domino effect, where changing something in one area impacts many other areas. It is important that change management and customer experience collaborate from the start of a new process. A process usually starts with research and a plan for how change will affect the organisation internally and the customer externally.

In a human-centred design, we’re conditioned to jump to solutions. According to David, a company will often deliver a solution, yet the problem still exists for the customer. This happens because the company hasn’t understood the root cause of customer issues.

Check out the video above to understand more about Change Management.

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