Why Video Marketing is the Best Marketing Tool

Have you ever wondered why video content has become a trend over the last year? Well, thanks to social media and its rapid development, companies are now changing their ways to interact with their customers. With the shift in consumer behaviour, marketers should rethink their marketing game plan.

Of course, adopting trends is key for marketers to stay relevant, which means that video content should be one of their marketing tools. It’s predicted that by 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic (Cisco). Well, it’s pretty clear that video making isn’t going anywhere.

See the Product in Action‍

We know it gets tricky when you’re trying to explain how your product works and getting them to envision it. But what makes videos so attractive is that consumers get to see the product in action, which will give customers a hint of brand authenticity. Even better, 97% of marketers agreed that videos have helped users understand products better (HubSpot). A much-needed golden buzzer!

It’s Easier to Remember

In this digital era, many would agree that people’s attention span decreases exponentially. This signifies the importance of both capturing attention and retaining information. Research shows that most people can recall information better through videos because it combines two very impactful media: sounds and images. Of course, being easily remembered is essential and advantageous for brands. It improves brand recognition in purchase decisions which basically equals better sales!

SEO Loves Video Content

In the world of SEO, videos are identified as high-quality content, which means that videos can produce drastic improvement to your SEO, particularly in web traffic. More to that, your conversion rate may also experience tremendous boosts from the traffic. This will not only enhance visibility but also generate qualified leads for your brand. But remember, for this strategy to work, videos need to be optimized by inserting solid meta description, proper keywords and a strong title.

Videos are More Likely to go Viral

Let’s be real, going viral would be a dream come true for most marketers. It amplifies online presence and improves brand recognition. On average, video content is shared 1200% more than text content and links combined (Wordstream). Such a high percentage shows that video contents are not only powerful but also likely to go viral than any other forms of content marketing

At the end of the day, video marketing is something that you should not miss! They are effective in giving information while strengthening engagement, making them a must-have for your digital marketing strategy. Create a better voice for your brand and captivate your audience over and over again.

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