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A legal firm based in Sydney, is a successful law firm that advises a diverse range of clients, including many high profile individuals and large publicly listed corporations. They act for small and medium-sized enterprises, small business owners, high net worth individuals, start-ups, trusts and funds. They are known for going out of their way to achieving a commercial outcome for their clients and have earned a reputation as the lawyers who will fight longer and harder than any others, specialising in class action lawsuits.

The legal profession has traditionally relied on paper-based files and manual systems to manage vast amounts of documents and information. This legal firm has made a step towards digitisation; however, the process has not been smooth. Many problems are causing their team to waste time and effort searching for and printing documents.

This legal firm has implemented a document management system and print management solution that does not support the business's day-to-day operation. There is duplication of documents, and the team struggles to find documents related to relevant cases. Exo Digital was engaged to investigate the current state and make recommendations on what is required to provide a better user experience across the business and create a seamless interaction with their clients.

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Our Proposal


User Interviews

Strategy & Innovation

User Research
Product & Business Strategy
Landscape Review
Technical Audit & Recommendation

The Solution

Understand the current workflow
We complete interviews to enrich a contextual inquiry study by supplementing observation with descriptions of tools, processes, bottlenecks, pain points, and how people perceive them.
Identify common pain points
Exo collates research to personify certain trends and characteristics in the data as personas to help picture and represent each staff group.
Map gaps and opportunities
On completing user research, we identified key improvement areas involving document management, training and processes, internal comms and printing/scanning.
Provide an effective approach and transition
We provide the next steps and best approaches to rectify document management organisation within the law firm.


User Interviews

Our approach consisted of interviews with each stakeholder to understand how they were using the current technology and what their problems were. At the same time, we investigated other legal firms and what the legal industry was experiencing concerning digitization. We provided this legal firm with an in-depth understanding of their current state and where each level of their organisation was struggling. The main job functions are secretarial staff, paralegals, junior and senior solicitors, partners and finance. We developed personas to assist with this understanding of job function, mapping out the user experience for each job role and identifying the pain points that needed to be addressed. We delivered our findings back to the business and made recommendations to rectify the pain points delivering process improvements and opportunities to implement a more robust document management system.

Legal Firm

Strategy & Innovation


As opposed to designing solutions based upon the preferences of the design team, we collate research and personify certain trends and patterns in the data as personas.

Legal Firm
Pain Points

Exo Digital went to the market to investigate additional digital solutions that would assist with the main problem areas based on the pain points identified. We investigated the current provider to see if there was the potential to bridge the gap in functionality through an additional technology via API. We also looked at other options with varying levels of functionality and investment. The Exo Digital team then used our Business Analyst to map the functionality of each option which was presented to the executive team.

Legal Firm

There will be obstacles with any new technology installation, and a plan needs to be formulated to deal with the legacy data. The new system will also require new processes, and this change will need to be managed through strong communication and ongoing training and support. Potentially the implementation will not solve all of the process issues, so these will need to be addressed and workarounds provided to enable a smooth transition to the new system.

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