Business Troubleshooting Breakfast
Are you feeling stuck on how to organise and deliver your vision? Want to know the best techniques to leverage your development team for success?
Wednesday, 26 May 2021
8.30am - 8.30am AEST

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Stop running around in circles. Join us to troubleshoot your business's problems and figure out the best solutions for you.

About this event

Exo Digital is a Melbourne-based design and innovation agency specialising in creating flawless customer experiences. Our mission is to support businesses, helping them grow through innovation.

We are running monthly events to allow businesses the space to get to know us, learn from our talented team, and to meet like-minded people.

Who would benefit from attending?

Business owners, managers, entrepreneurs, thinkers, creators, hustlers, and tinkerers. Anyone needing help and support with design, development, marketing, transformation, and marketing for their business or organisation.

Our events will be an incubated space to allow our participants to bounce off one another as well as our team and guest speakers.

How will events run?

We will kick off the session with some introductions, then we will talk about the benefits of having a problem first approach. We will follow this up with an open forum chat about the problems you are facing in your business. We will leave a little time at the end for networking, and 1-on-1 questions with our team.

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