Innovation Sprint

A faster way to design and build products.


An Innovation Sprint is a structured process, designed to help teams solve complex challenges and accelerate design in as quick as 4 days. It’s based on the Google Design Sprint.

It’s the fastest way to find out if a product is worth developing and if it’s going to resonate with your audience. Don’t invest months of time, invest in a week.

Traditional Workflow

Traditionally, each phase depends on previous stage. Its ineffective and costly, as teams lose momentum, time and energy on guesswork with minimal success.

Innovation Sprint

An Innovation Sprint is a shortcut to learning without building. It reduces the time and cost less to validate your ideas to end-users in just 4-days.

What is an Innovation Sprint great for?

Build new product or app

Accelerate your product development and push projects to completion faster.

Improve customer experience

Elevate your user's experience with real feedback before development.

Faster project delivery

Improve your process by understanding your team's challenges.

Cut business operational costs

Align your team and resolve any challenges within the team.

Improve existing product or app

New idea or feature? Test with users early to find a true product-market fit.

Endless possibilities

From improving sales to streamlining decision making, the sky's the limit.


Your team is only required for the first two days if you are unable to commit to 4 days, our team can prototype and test for you.

Day 1

  • Define the challenges
  • Rapid solution generation

Day 2

  • Vote and prioritise solutions
  • Define prototype with storyboard

Day 3

  • Build the prototype
  • Prepare and plan for user testing

Day 4

  • User testing with real users
  • Clear next steps from user testing

The outcome

At the end of the sprint, you'll have prototype that's been tested with users and insights for your next steps. We are confident your team will gain new insights about the product the we’re building together.

What’s next?

You'll receive a detailed report with the insights and results from the sprint. It is recommended to do an Iteration Sprint the week after to refine the idea or you can focus on different ideas or start building it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! An Innovation Sprint can be used with Agile Sprints and scrum teams. They help validate ideas or features with real users, giving you more confidence and validation to proceed with Agile development.