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Alexis Pagnon


I was born in Paris, France, and left when I was about 20 years old to complete my master’s degree in the US and China. Thanks to my mum, I have dual citizenship in Australia, but, still, I'm not too fond of vegemite.

What gets me out of bed in the morning professionally is knowing that my work will produce results and matter to people around me. Personally, knowing that a new adventure is starting is exciting and keeps me motivated.

When I am not working, I’m hiking in the mountains, kitesurfing, doing Yoga, or simply sharing a good dinner with friends.


I am an Experience Designer Consultant with 6+ years of experience in UX Design & Researcher, delivering rigorous qualitative and quantitative user research for complex projects.

My focus is on research and strategy because I want to create value through active empathy-building and evidence-based decision-making.

Fun Fact

When I was 17, I created a company. I was building websites for small businesses. I used only one template that I customized for every client.

My Expertise

Alexis Pagnon
UX Design
User Experience design delivers memorable and meaningful experiences to your customers.
Alexis Pagnon
UI Design
Allow your customers to interact with your business effortlessly.
Alexis Pagnon
Minimise risk before transformation; use real data and information to inform your digital innovation decisions.
Alexis Pagnon
Business Support
Giving businesses the support and resources needed to deliver fantastic experiences.

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