Arjun Kantaria

Marketing Associate

I am a Gujarati Indian, and was born in Nairobi, Kenya. I moved to Australia when I was 7 years old and have travelled many places in the world. I’m what is referred to as a third culture kid. My country of origin and modernisation of my heritage has really given me a great perspective on life and how to learn and accept people of all backgrounds, and try to learn and understand their stories. Life has challenged me in a variety of ways, from taking the wrong path out of school and not completing my first degree in Information Technology because I wasn’t in the correct mindframe and got caught up in the wrong mix of people. This led me to separate myself and begin to discover and dive deeper into my interests and what can keep me on the right path. I have worked various jobs since the age of 16, and when I obtained my first personal selling position at 19 years old, that’s when my life truly began to change and started shaping who I am today. Personal selling got me interested in business principles and marketing, as I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and I had finally found an outlet that allowed me to learn and develop my skills within this space. This was an entirely new experience; I got the opportunity to travel throughout the whole of Queensland and meet so many different types of people. This was also a commission based role, which meant that if I didn’t hustle, I wasn’t going to be able to eat, or pay for my accommodation or fuel. This really gave me a drive and motivation to ensure that I was developing strong relationships and smashing all my goals. After succeeding in this role, I decided I wanted to start moulding my own path and I wanted to further my skills. I began my degree and obtained a Bachelor of Business, with a double major in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. This led me to launching my own e-commerce business, as well as a freelance marketing service for micro businesses and startups. To sum it all up, my diverse background has led me to want to understand people from all different backgrounds and bring them together. I love working with people, particularly in branding and digital marketing because this allows me to take somebody’s vision and assist them in creatively communicating a message and ‘origin’ story, allowing others to have a deeper insight and understanding of it; and to hopefully relate to it. What gets you out of bed in the morning? To know that my goals and dreams are still to be fulfilled and I need to wake up and get to it. There’s always something that can bring me closer to my life goals, and if I don’t get out of bed, it just won’t happen. When you’re not working, you’re… Either making music, thinking about music, or listening to music… or working on building business ideas and brainstorming.

My expertise

Arjun Kantaria
Web Development
Rise above the competition with a website that knocks the socks off your customers.
Arjun Kantaria
UX Design
User Experience design delivers memorable and meaningful experiences to your customers.
Arjun Kantaria
UI Design
Allow your customers to interact with your business effortlessly.
Arjun Kantaria
Minimise risk before transformation; use real data and information to inform your digital innovation decisions.
Arjun Kantaria
CX Design
Transforming your customer experience is vital to optimising your business, increasing conversions, and retaining customers.
Arjun Kantaria
App Development
Put your business in people's pockets with a custom built mobile app developed just for you.

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