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Steven Nguyen


I love coming up with solutions for efficiency to daily problems. I hope I can convert something like that into a business one day because, in the end, a business is a means to solving a problem for people.

Then came UX, when I discovered a more direct way to tackle everyday problems in the fast-growing, ever-changing tech world I’m captivated by.

To me, a growth mindset is key to continually improving and getting the best out of yourself as an individual. By being open-minded to all possibilities, you can achieve almost anything you set your mind towards, learn from mistakes as they come, and truly understand the world from all sorts of perspectives.


Most of my work experience has fallen under UX, working on self-projects and solving problems for businesses and their customers. 

I have taken up pro bono work in the medicolegal field for a company with a cloud-based ERP platform connecting doctors with claims from insurance companies and lawyers, with the mindset to simplify and modernise the process for those users who can be non-tech savvy. 

For a startup, I've led a small team of software engineer interns and UX design students to redesign a website while uncovering what their target audience wants at certain steps.

Fun Fact

For someone who trains a lot to be a badass in Boxing, I’m a tech geek who loooves desserts, can bake pretty well, and reads a lot of books. 🥊🍦📚

My Expertise

Steven Nguyen
UX Design
User Experience design delivers memorable and meaningful experiences to your customers.
Steven Nguyen
UI Design
Allow your customers to interact with your business effortlessly.

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