Visual Designer

Z Tan


I moved to Melbourne in 2015 to pursue my intentions of becoming an Art Director in the world of advertising.

In my final year in university, I knew deep down the advertising industry wasn’t for me. I eventually worked as a freelance Photographer/Videographer for two years before I found myself at home, completely immersed in UI/UX Design.

Outside of working hours, you can find me on the basketball court working on my Jump Shot. I have had an ever-loving relationship with sports since I was a young pup, and it has taught me many lessons about teamwork, dedication and working together towards a common goal.


I freelanced as an Event Photographer/Videographer for two years, working with small business providers with photography and videography services.

I spent close to 2 years in video production, marketing and operations - working as a creative all-rounder bridging the gaps within Exo Digital's internal team.

I have the most experience with Figma as it has been my primary tool for Visual and UI/UX Design.  Outside of UI/UX, I use Adobe CC for everything else - namely Lightroom, Premiere Pro and After Effects for photography, video production and animations, respectively.

Fun Fact

When nobody is watching, I have the tendency to practise my basketball moves in my mind and it inevitably shows ⛹🏻‍♂️🏀

My Expertise

Z Tan
UX Design
User Experience design delivers memorable and meaningful experiences to your customers.
Z Tan
UI Design
Allow your customers to interact with your business effortlessly.
Z Tan
Minimise risk before transformation; use real data and information to inform your digital innovation decisions.

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